The Steps of Freemasonry

Degrees of the Symbolic (Blue) Lodge

1st Degree – Entered Apprentice
2nd Degree – Fellowcraft
3rd Degree – Master Mason

Degrees of the Scottish Rite

4th Degree – Secret Master
5th Degree – Perfect Master
6th Degree – Intimate Secretary
7th Degree – Provost and Judge
8th Degree – Intendant of the Building
9th Degree – Master Elect of Nine
10th Degree – Elect of Fifteen
11th Degree – Sublime Master Elect
12th Degree – Grand Master Architect
13th Degree – Master of the Ninth Arch
14th Degree – Grand Elect Mason
15th Degree – Knight of the East or Sword
16th Degree – Prince of Jerusalem
17th Degree – Knight of the East and West
18th Degree – Knight of the Rose Croix of H.R.D.M.
19th Degree – Grand Pontiff
20th Degree – Master Ad Vitam
21st Degree – Patriarch Noachite
22nd Degree – Prince of Libanus
23rd Degree – Chief of the Tabernacle
24th Degree – Prince of the Tabernacle
25th Degree – Knight of the Brazen Serpent
26th Degree – Prince of Mercy
27th Degree – Commander of the Temple
28th Degree – Knight of the Sun
29th Degree – Knight of St. Andrew
30th Degree – Grand Elect Knight K-H
31st Degree – Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
32nd Degree – Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
33rd Degree – Sovereign Grand Inspector General

Degrees of the York Rite

Royal Arch Masons
Mark Master
Past Master (Virtual)
Most Excellent Master
Royal Arch Mason

Royal & Select Cryptic Masons
Royal Master
Select Master
Super Excellent Master

Knights Templar
Order of the Red Cross
Order of Knights of Malta
Order of Knights Templar

Allied Organizations
Order of DeMolay
Tall Cedars of Lebanon
Job's Daughters
Rainbow Girls
Order of Eastern Star
Daughter's of the Nile